Alessia Cara Returns to Twitter and Wins Hearts in Process

December 13, 2018

Alessia Cara at Westwood One Presents the American Music Awards Radio Row Day 2, Microsoft Theater Event Deck

Photo by bossmoss/

Alessia Cara recently took what she called “the shortest break ever” from social media, following her Grey Cup performance, a decision which she made due to strangers harassing her and criticizing her appearance online.

The 22-year-old returned to Twitter to tell her fans she was already back, writing, “you’ve always showed up for me and I want to show up for you, not let this period be tainted by my sensitivity toward hits to my ego. I want to set a better example than that.”

But it’s hard to imagine Cara could possibly set a better example for her fans than she already is. Since the start of her career, she’s used her platform to spread a message of inclusion and self-acceptance, both through her songs and by connecting directly with her fans through social media.

One of her songs ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ has become an anthem for self-acceptance and body positivity. The lyrics reach out to those of us who struggle with body image and help us understand there isn’t anything wrong with the way we look, a message which can be summed up by the line “you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart.” And it seems Cara’s goal, in the long run, is to do just that: help the world change its heart.

Cara’s response to the criticism she received following the Grey Cup shows just how strong and compassionate she is. Rather than pretend to be immune to the pain she sings about in so many of her songs, Cara was open about how the negative comments affected her. She said the hate she experienced points to a larger issue of online bullying, and she encouraged her fans to be kind and think about what they say.

But Cara’s willingness to be upfront about her struggles is nothing new: she’s talked previously about being in therapy to help her deal with her fame and the nasty comments she sometimes gets as a result. Finding the self-acceptance she sings about in ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ isn’t always easy, but her willingness to be open about that struggle helps everyone else going through the same thing understand they’re not alone. It goes to show Cara’s not only a very talented singer, but the best kind of person as well: one who is thoughtful, kind and fights to make the world a more inclusive place for us all.

Article By Alex Barr