New Year, Stay Spesch!

January 14, 2019

Young woman takes selfie while listening to ear phones.

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It’s a brand New Year, and we here at Spesch are pleased to add our voices to the growing chorus calling for a change to the typical New Year, New You chatter.

Using the start of the year as a time to reflect and challenge yourself to make changes is fine, of course. But we are glad to see more people talking about self-acceptance at this time of year, too.

In that spirit, Spesch is embracing one of the other meanings of the word ‘resolution’ – “a measure used to describe the sharpness and clarity of an image or picture.”

So in 2019, rather than making resolutions focused on change, why not sharpen your resolution and get clarity about what makes you unique and worth celebrating!

Spesch will be here to help inspire you all year, with weekly posts on the following topics:

S  Smart Stuff (Politics, STEM, History, Fine Arts and more!)
P  Positive Vibes (self-care tips, good news stories, and cool women doing cool things)
ESC  Escape (movies, books, music, tv)
H  Health & Fitness

Cheers to a great 2019, with more of you being fabulous you!