‘Gassing’ Is the New Thing You and All Your Friends Should Do

January 17, 2019

Family ties. Pleased girl with curly hair keeping smile on face while embracing her sister

Photo by Depositphotos

When was the last time you told a good friend how thankful you are for their friendship, or paid them an unsolicited compliment? When was the last time a friend has done this for you?

If it’s been a while, here’s what you should do right now: Text your friend, call your friend, DM your friend — just get in contact with them in whatever way and give them a little ego boost. If they are struggling through something right now, let them know how strong they are and that you know they will get through things. If they just did something that was really exciting for them, like getting a part in the school play or finally finishing an assignment on time.  Or maybe their outfit today is amazing or their hair looks great — let them know! Tell them something that will raise their spirits and bring on a smile.

Don’t be surprised if they respond with “uhm, thanks?” especially if this is a brand new thing you’ve taken the initiative to do! Don’t worry, just keep doing it. Not right away if you don’t want to, but do the same thing the next day or the next time you see them. Eventually, it won’t seem so weird for them to be hearing these nice things being said, and maybe they’ll start saying some nice things back! Congrats, you have officially starting “gassing” your friends.

What is “gassing”? It’s being your friend’s best hype-person. It’s unprompted, unsolicited compliments to remind them just how amazing they are. And in the current political climate, it’s almost a necessity.

But don’t get this confused with the simple, passive act of double tapping a pic. Gassing is more active. It’s not about what specific compliment you’re giving, it’s about the way these ego boosts — given and received — give that little jolt of feeling good about yourself. And when you receive these boosts,  it’s about letting those feelings build up inside of you until they become something you internalize. Until you believe it about yourself no matter what the people around you say.

It’s a small, simple way to combat all that media out there telling you who you should be, how you should look, and the ways you can get it. Because you and your friends are already so much better than that person you think you should be. You’re unique and strong, and help make the people’s lives around you better just by being you. So the next time you think something positive about someone around you, say it out loud!

Because so much of the world is focused on competition, on FOMO, on wanting what other people have because you think it will make your life better. Gassing is about breaking down those views, celebrating people on what they already have by telling it to them! Celebrating all the smart and amazing people around you! Celebrating one another!

Happy gassing!

Written by Olivia Latta