One up your Galentine’s Day this year!

February 13, 2019

Image by deposit

Did you know that February 13 is Galentine’s Day? Originally coined by Amy Poehler’s character (and ultimate OG Galentine) Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a time to come together with all of your closest gal pals, single or not, and celebrate the love you have for each other. Like Leslie says, it’s “ladies celebrating ladies”, kicking it breakfast-style optional.

Now that you know, let’s take plans for future celebrations up a notch. Let’s let Galentine’s Day be mostly the exact opposite of Valentine’s Day. Let’s take out the consumerist aspect of the holiday, ignore relationship statuses, and strip it down to a day that just celebrates love (bonus points if the whole day manages to pass the Bechdel test).

So, where do we begin? With brunch, obviously. But remember, we’re taking spending out of the day as much as possible, so the brunch becomes more of a homemade potluck breakfast. Gather all of your Galentines and have each one bring their favourite breakfast food. Make the food in advance, or cram together in the kitchen and watch it turn into a kitchen dance party. And then, while you’re enjoying your breakfast, go around the table and say one thing you love and admire about each of your Galentines. Share the love you feel for your friends out loud, so everyone at the table can get those warm fuzzy feelings inside. What a great way to start the day.

What’s next? It could be oh so many things. How about a styling session that will make all the clothes you already have feel brand new. Have the Galentine’s crew head up to your bedroom, let them raid your closet, and have them put together outfits to wear. Do a mini fashion show! Put on the craziest thing you own! Try out a style you’ve not felt brave enough to pull off! Who knows, maybe you’ll leave with some new OOTD’s or rediscover something that was hiding in the back of your closet.

You and your Galentines could also try finding a fun free activity around town! Maybe an Ice Sculpture festival, a free skating rink, or a fun hike. Anything that you can do to make new long lasting memories with your Galentines. Or, you could always cozy up indoors and binge Parks and Recreation, or watch your favourite classic movie about friendship. Mean Girls, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and Thelma & Louise come to mind!

Galentine’s Day is ultimately about spreading the love. On February 13th, you could consider volunteering at a space that supports other women and girls! Or making physical donations of lightly used items you no longer need. Like maybe those pants you loved when you put them on in the store, but only wore once. Or maybe some bras you’ve grown out of. Try contacting your local Youth Services or Women’s shelter and ask them what donations they are in need of, and work with your Galentines to collect them!

Finally, take to social media to share the Galentine’s Day love! Use your Instagram story to share some favourite pics of your BFF’s, and a little love letter. Doing this simple little shout-out helps shine a spotlight on all the amazing girls out there, and can be a good reminder to your Galentines of how much love they are surrounded by. And that feeling can’t be replaced by all the gifts, flowers, or candy you could possibly buy.

Written by Olivia Latta