Movie review: Lego Movie 2 – The Second Part

February 26, 2019

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The highly anticipated sequel to the ‘block’buster hit The Lego Movie opened in theatres last week, much to the delight of Lego lovers everywhere.

The movie truly is the ‘second part’ as it begins right where the original ended, a cliffhanger that saw the arrival of alien creations from the planet Duplo. Through a quick montage, we learn about an epic battle that led Emmett and Wyldstyles (and our other faves from the first movie) to rebuild their planet as a monotone wasteland so as not to further attract the invaders from the Systar System.

Wyldstyles, aka Lucy, has (of course) embraced this bleak reality, but Emmett refuses to change his outlook, remaining his cheerful, optimistic self. He insists on building a cute little dream house for them to live in. As predicted, this draws the attention of the aliens, and the story kicks into high gear as Lucy, Batman, MetalBeard, Unikitty and Spaceman Benny are abducted, and Emmett embarks on a mission to bring them home.

For fans of the first movie, this sequel does a great job of expanding the Lego universe, and giving depth to the lead characters. The screenwriters behind both films, the endlessly inventive Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, deliver a great mix of fun gags and smart observations. They are also behind the amazing Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (just awarded the Oscar for Best Animated Feature!), and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, both must-watch films!

Building the Franchise

While The Lego Movie 2 probably isn’t stand alone entertainment – it will be more enjoyable for those who have seen the first movie – there are some fantastic new elements. There are a lot more female characters this time around, from quick and fun little cameos to the delicious additions of Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi (Tiffany Haddish) and General Sweet Mayhem (Stephanie Beatriz). And there are more musical numbers in the sequel – super-catchy, funny and clever songs that will definitely stay with you once you’ve left the theatre.

There are also some touching moments around sibling relationships, being true to yourself, and the fact that everything can’t be awesome all of the time. Though it would be pretty hard to totally recapture the imagination and energy of the first film, this is a sequel that definitely clicks!

PS – Make sure to stick around for the credits, as they are a work of art unto themselves!